Friday, January 15, 2010

The Weekend Commences

Sassy and I will be out and about so if you see us, buy us a drink because we're working! And everyone wants a nice cold beverage when they're working!

Word of Caution to all the Ladies:

Do NOT leave your drinks unattended. If you're at a table with friends make sure someone is watching it if you get up for a quick dance or potty break. It's no fun when you're having a great time then realize after one beer you really shouldn't already be falling off your chair...



Thursday, January 14, 2010

Random Friday

We can have a great time anywhere. It doesn't have to be at a bar or fancy restaurant (but it is helpful.) Last Friday Sassy and I weren't in a going-out-mood so she had a garage party. Sassy's pad is pimped! (Sorry, always wanted to say that.) We decided that we'd play pool, pop popcorn, and just drink beer in the garage. Not many people were told and it just turned out that most people who came were guys... and they all brought friends. What's the opposite of a harem? Because that's what it was :) It was a ton of fun and thanks to everyone that hung out but there was one guy that was dressed in really tight clothes. I noticed the tight shirt and wasn't going to complain, Sassy noticed the tight pants and told me later "His pants were so tight I could see his future children!" I haven't stop laughing. I am a little crestfallen that I didn't notice. I'm just relieved that they weren't those horrible skinny jeans, then I would have noticed for sure, and I'd no longer be able to be friends with him. So note to boys: NO SKINNY PANTS! EVER!!! These were some random out of context comments from the night:
"I'd feel better if you'd just put it in"
"I'm oversextended this weekend"
"I'm coming over for a fork"


New Years 2010

A picture is worth a thousand words...

Day After Christmas

The day after Christmas some of the socialites headed over to the Wellington to hear Breach play. I never made it all the way over there because there was a snowstorm... and my car is little. I got as far as The Sandbar and hung out with some friends. The plan was to hide out there until the storm passed but I didn't make it any further. Here are some crazy pics from the fun had that night. Sassy will have to fill in the funny stories.

Chirstmas Eve Eve

We had a mini high school reunion at 24th Street. There were so many of us that we couldn't all fit in the same section. Unfortunately, we only took pictures of our table. Sorry, uncool people that weren't sitting with us. We'll get you next time ;)

FYI: Do NOT leave your phone unattended. Strange names and numbers will be saved in it. Pictures will also be looked at and possibly taken.

Trying to remember some of the silly things we say during our adventures I've started keeping a little notebook in Sassy's purse (I don't carry one). After we closed the bar we went riding with a friend. So sitting in the dark backseat of a moving vehicle after hours at the bar I wrote this:

Sassy: Why would I want to be sassy pants?
Sweet: Well, you can't be hot cocoa!
Sassy: Of course I can't, I'm not black. Except from the back...
What was the conversation about? I have NO idea!

Also, I wrote this down part of Sassy's phone conversation with BarTender (who will be know as Tender from now on): "He's a white knight on a white horse?! What are you talking about?"