Monday, February 21, 2011

Well, Hello Friend, it's been a while

We've been hanging out at Louie's a lot lately. It's a small town restaurant with a bar in the back, like a mullet, business in the front party in the back. Sassy worked there back in the day and the owner is really cool. He stuck the coyote hat on me. Thanks for that...

Sassy's brother was in town for a visit and she decided that Louie's was the place to be. Plus, it was Friday and do you know what happens at Louie's on Friday's? Spartacus: Blood and Sand, that's what happens. Some bars promote games or big fights; Louie's keeps it real with Spartacus. Ripped guys in loincloths fight then everyone gets naked. It might have a plot line but I can never hear the story. Makes for an interesting viewing time and subsequent conversations are a riot.

Great hat huh? That's how we roll in LO.