Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Asphault Barnyard

Yeah, we made it a party...

Rockin on a Monday

Phew!!! Got all the back postings done that I'm gonna do. I don't even remember most of the funny stories that go along with those pictures. (which obviously tells you how good a time we were having) So from here on out is the real deal, events that we just attended. Humorous stories included.


Location: Pine Knob Lodge/Bar
I love skiing but haven't been in years. We went up there to visit a friend that was working. The table and chairs were a bit cheap and crowded together but the view of the ski hill was worth it. We went on Monday night, sat at the bar, and it wasn't crowded. Huge white fluffy snowflakes were coming down and they have a fireplace in the center of the lounge that just added to the ambiance. Most important piece of information: The bartender made a wicked cocoa, easy on the eyes, and single. (See, that was my gift to you. Enjoy!)

Night's Ponderings:
Sassy: "I'm a closet Lady Gaga fan."
Sweet: "I'm not, I love Lady Gaga! But I wear pants and feel that sometimes she should too."

We also meandered over to Wing Night at Orion Sports Bar. They have awesome Bourbon Wings! We had to hide in the bathroom from a guy that sat at our table and wouldn't leave. Up side: We called our fantastic waitress (Love ya!) and she brought our drinks in there. Excellent service, no denying it.

Sassy & Sweet


Hanging out at Orion Sports Bar and Louies. Good Times, Good times...

Sassy and Sweet

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


November was the month of bands. We went and watched a few local bands play.
Oh, and we had a BLAST!

Asphalt Barnyard playing at Whiskeys

Breach playing at Whiskeys

Sassy & Sweet


October was a VERY busy month. Here are some of the girls making the rounds.



Sassy & Sweet


LO Socialites signing on to say "Hi!"
I know what you might be thinking, "What is a LO Socialite?" and that's an excellent question. You see my BFF and I were out last night and were asked what we do. Tired of saying the same ole thing we said we were socialites and that we were being paid to be there. If it were up to our standards we would start bringing our other girlfriends out there. The LO stands for our town but also for the fact that we're low Socialites, not from a big city like New York or LA. Just tiny little LO. But we love it and have grand adventures that we'll be sharing with you. Because everyone knows that any socialite worth a hill of beans has a blog.

Sassy & Sweet